Yesterday, a day when national high school football recruits usually steal the headlines, longtime ActivEdge client and assistant trainer Madeline “Maddy” McEwen inked her allegiance with head coach Robbie Church and the Duke Women’s Soccer program.

Maddy has been a consistent attendant at ActivEdge since it opened in late 2004. But she has been training with ActivEdge head trainer Brian Diaz even before that when they trained at a different facility.

Maddy will finish her high school career this spring at Riverside High School in Durham, NC. She has been on the varsity team and has been recognized as an All-Conference player since she started her freshman year. She has co-captained the team the past two years while playing center and outside midfield. She plays on the ’88 CASL Spartan Elite and will be joined by her teammate Kendall Bradley, a senior at Durham Academy, at Duke this fall. Maddy also looks forward to reuniting with former Riverside teammate and longtime ActivEdge training partner Kelly Hathorn. Kelly will be entering her third season at Duke next fall and has been a regular on the field since her freshman year.

Trainer Brian Diaz adds, “Maddy has come a long way since starting as a scrawny little freshman. She is now one of the strongest females in the gym and is often faster than many of the males. I am so happy for her and can’t wait to see how she develops at Duke under Robbie’s tutelage.”