ActivEdge utilizes all top-of-the-line equipment from leading fitness manufacturers like Hoist, Troy, Vision, and Precor. We have a full range of free weights, machines, resistance bands, medicine balls, weight vests, and other types of resistance or training aids that we use on a regular basis and can accommodate all needs.

ActivEdge also tries to keep the gym green and clean using recycled products, harmful chemical-free solvents and paints, and choosing energy-saving equipment when possible. Some of these products may cost more but help make the environment that people train in better. Examples of what we have done to minimize our global impact and try and lessen our operating carbon footprint include:

  • RB Products recycled rubber flooring
  • Vision Fitness energy-efficient cardio equipment
  • Sherwin-Williams Harmony GreenSure Low-odor and Zero VOC paint
  • Energy-Star Certified water cooler, refrigerator, and washer and dryer
  • Energy-Star Certified computer, printer, copier, and telephone
  • Dell Studio Hybrid series – Dell’s greenest, most power-efficient consumer desktop that uses recycled plastic housing
  • Seventh Generation dye-free wash detergent and harmful chemical-free cleaning products
  • Website powered by 100% wind energy
  • Energy-Star Certified compact florescent lighting
  • Bose 100% recycled office paper products
  • Recycled toilet paper and paper towels
  • EcoSense less water per flush toilets
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