We offer a variety of group classes throughout the year. Check out the detailed descriptions below, and click the Schedule tab at the top menu to sign-up for your first one!

Kettlebells will be a class designed how of to safely and effectively swing those circular shaped weights and see the amazing results they offer! Kettlebell instructors Isaac Brewton and Rutland Tyler teach every aspect of the art, from your first swing to movements you may have never heard of! Kettlebells range in weight and are one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment in the world. Constant movement, enjoyment and new challenges are a perfect way to get your workout! All levels and abilities welcome and encouraged!

This workout includes a mix of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, speed training, and metabolic conditioning. Offers challenging and energetic workouts that test the entire body. Taught by instructor Rutland Tyler, you will never do the same workout twice!

Head Physical Therapist and Sports Specialist and Level II Certified TRX® Trainer, Brian Diaz, Isaac Brewton and Rutland Tyler lead a body-weight supported suspension class that combines resistance and cardio into a high-intensity, metabolic-boosting, and fat-shredding routine. This well-researched balance of strength and endurance is perfect for those who don’t like traditional weights. Cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers, tennis players, golfers are just some of the many sports that have shown tremendous performance benefits from adding the TRX® Suspension Trainer into their conditioning. All levels welcome!

Strength Training Class designed specifically for women, workouts will focus on major muscle groups and movement patterns with an emphasis on form correction and education. Workouts may include dumbbells, barbells, TRX, body-weight exercises, and everything in between!  All ability levels are welcome (please contact Joy directly if no prior lifting experience).  Each class will be a total body workout designed to empower, uplift, and most of all connect with other incredible women!

At ActivEdge we believe that there is a vacancy of indoor cycling classes with actual outdoor cyclists in mind. Using state of the art Wattbikes designed for the British Cycling Team and professional Team Sky in the UK, each person will receive tailored, data driven feedback. Developed with elite coaches and professional cyclists, Real Ride Feel technology offers the smoothest, most comfortable ride, which feels almost identical to riding out on the road. Combine the fully adjustable Wattbike set-up with the advanced Real Ride Feel technology and you’ll find the changeover between outdoor and indoor sessions seamless. This effortless transition also means your muscle memory and technique improvements are easily transferred out onto the road, resulting in performance improvements.

The intimate setting of this class organically creates both connection between participants and the bikes as well as with instructors and co-participants. Be ready to work hard and see the results! Taught by certified indoor cycling instructors and coaches Rutland Tyler and Brian Diaz.
**Note: All the spin classes  use the Wattbike with their unique 3-option pedal so you can use a SPD®-style cleat, LOOK- Keo style cleats, or regular tennis shoes.**

92TEN™ –
92TEN is our way of empowering participants to reach for more! Named after the last 3 months (or 92 days) of the year that many fitness enthusiasts “fall off the wagon”, we try and keep the motivation high by challenging individuals to 10 different measurable tasks. This class will address some of those tasks as well as several others and we pump up the music and blend resistance and cardio to try and make the last 92 days some of our best of the year! FINISH STRONG!! **Only offered October-December.


Classes offered exclusively at the United Therapeutics location:
Isaac leads this killer of a class that is designed to take you through a series of functional movements and exercises. Isaac starts the session with a very thorough evidence-based warm up and mobility exercises to get the whole body warm. He adds some focused strength sets in the middle and then finishes with intense metabolic conditioning. This class is open to all levels of fitness and Isaac will design the workout to meet all of the participants at the level they are currently at and push them to achieve even greater! **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.

Designed to work the full-body with bars, dumbbells, med balls, bands and body weight exercises. This class will be taught inside on the gym floor and targets those who need some resistance in their routine. Excellent for bone matrix stimulation and prevention of osteoporosis. This is a cardio-fused, high repetition, muscle-toning class that welcomes all levels! **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.

Unither Running Club is for all levels and will be led by Brian or Isaac on Monday and Wednesday at 4:30pm through the winter. The running sessions will meet downstairs in the gym and then head out to the RTP path, UT field, or other places to run in the area. Each session will be broken down into different levels so that all can accomplish a workout. The group will have several targeted events throughout the year that will encourage UT team participation. Please sign up so we can see who is attending and prepare for the session! **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.CARDIO CAMP –
Isaac leads this new and exciting blend of bootcamp-style moves and conditioning with running and stepping intervals. Cardio is definitely the theme here with a jog/run warm up followed by a mix of full body functional exercises utilizing all the equipment we have access to lying around! This class is bound to keep the heart rate pounding and metabolic engine shredding calories throughout the 50-55 min of movement! Indoors or outdoors depending on weather. Meet in the gym. **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.

This multilevel class will begin with centering, and quickly move in heat-generating movement designed to open the myofascial lines of the body. Breath is linked to movement, and sequencing will focus on strength building initiated from the core. Pace will vary from class to class, however as this is a multilevel class, modifications and intensifications will be offered. Expect to sweat and be challenged, leaving with a clearer mind and lighter heart. **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.

Brian takes one of his passions, cycling, onto the floor for an aerobic burn that is sure to leave you sweating and yearning to take the next step in cycling. This class is designed to challenge all levels and will be adjusted to cadence and heart rate of the individual. You will be operating right around your lactate threshold for an interval based routine that will be musically driven. Playlists will have tempos built into them to equal the pacing and Brian will routinely offer techniques on form and bike handling. **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.
**Note: All the spin classes  use the CycleOps 200 Pro indoor cycle with the Spinning® NXT® two-sided pedal so you can use a SPD®-style cleat or regular tennis shoes.**

Heather  teaches a comprehensive mat-based Pilates class that is for all levels. She progresses each individual according to their mastery of the exercises and vary the difficulty allowing beginners to jump right in at the entry level and challenge themselves as much or as little as they would like. She teaches the fundamentals of breathing and core stability in nearly every class. She will teach both the stretch and strength component of each exercise and will take your pilates experience to the next level. **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.

Taught by Heather, Pilates Stretch is for all levels of flexibility! We all know we should stretch, but often we race back to our busy lives after a tough strength or cardio workout, short changing our bodies with minimal stretching. Using contract-release method, together we will find a new level of flexibility in your body. You will feel great!**Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.

Pilates Fusion will be offered on Fridays and will be an express (30 min) class blending traditional Pilates with other various abdominal, core, and hip movements. Physical therapist, Brian Diaz will lead the class in a short warm-up for the first 10 mins focusing on the increasing body temp and mobility before shifting into a more fast-paced fusion class challenging your core as well as the extremities. The class will finish with a few mins of mobility stretching at the end of the workout. **Currently offered at the United Therapeutics-RTP location only.