New Clients:


We offer a variety of personal training options. For those who opt for the package deal, you are free to use the sessions whenever you want, but you need to attend at least twice a month to remain active. For those paying per session, billing will be at the start of each month. For training packages, if you come at least twice a week to meet with your personal trainer, unlimited use of the gym is included by calling ahead, (even for the days that you are not scheduled to meet with your trainer) to do exercises independently. All packages include a free initial assessment.

Due to the demands placed on our student-athletes (practices, games/matches, tournaments, travel, and school work), we have 3 options to accommodate their needs. For some of the younger athletes, or those that have congested schedules (i.e. during season), they usually chose the 10-session package and come 1-2x per week. The high level high school, out-of-season, and college athletes usually chose the weekly membership and have a detailed plan laid out that rotates upper and lower body resistance training (weights), speed, agility, plyometrics, and endurance.

Private (60 mins) Private (30 mins) Semi-Private** (60 mins) Semi-Private Weekly Unlimited
1 session for $85 1 session for $60 1 session for $40 $99/week – unlimited sessions
10 sessions for $765 10 sessions for $540 10 sessions for $360

*Our Most Popular Plan*

**Semi-Private is no more than 4 people per trainer. This is not a group class; workouts are individual.


We do not require insurance and offer a reduced fee price for out-of-pocket payments. This price covers a full 45 minute appointment with one of our physical therapists. It is all-inclusive and does not change based upon the use of dry-needling, cupping, other manual therapies and therapeutic exercises.

For those using health insurance, we are in-network with Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield (except BlueValue and BlueLocal), and associated plans with these companies. We are also to submit claims elsewhere as an out-of-network provider. Every insurance plan differs, so the copayment/deductible/coinsurance amount the patient is responsible may vary. We will look up your plans and inform you of your financial responsibility during your first visit.