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What is a Pump + Run? A workout that combines strength training and cardio for the best of both worlds!

Strength Details: Each week professional personal trainers and physical therapists from ActivEdge Fitness and Upright Athlete, respectively, will lead you through a workout routine. Some weeks it may be kettlebells, the next dumbbells, and the next medicine balls. All workouts are scaleable so that people of all abilities will thrive!

Running Route Details: The BCC Pump + Run running routes both start from the cidery. The 2K runners will complete loop around the iconic Durham Bulls stadium while the 4K runners take a loop through the city center along Main St.

These routes are designed to minimize stopping and going by making mostly right turns and skipping stoplights when possible. All the while giving runners a great view of some of the most frequented restaurants and locations in downtown Durham.

Starting Time: 6:00PM, Every Tuesday

Starting Location: Near the front door of Bull City Ciderworks in downtown Durham

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