Still looking to stay in shape or improve your speed and agility? Looking to address any nagging injuries to prepare you for the start of next season? Check out our variety of online services that are directly designed to benefit you in the comfort of your own home.

Telemedicine Physical Therapy

Join us as physical therapy goes virtual! Help eliminate any aches or pains without having to leave your home. Our team of skilled therapists each have a special niche in which makes them better at understanding your lifestyle. Some areas of interest include but are not limited too, soccer, CrossFit, triathlons, weight lifting, swimming, running, shooting, gymnastics and many more. To set up an appointment today or inquire about more information, contact OR call (919) 937-9607

Remote/ Virtual Personal Training

Given the uncertainty of how long this virus might be around, don’t give up on your fitness goals. Our team of personal trainers have become very creative in programming workouts that require little to even no equipment. In fact, if you contact us with any equipment that you DO have, then we will be able to incorporate those items into a personalized workout for you. For more information email OR call (919) 493-1204

Rock Steady Boxing 

If you or a loved one is affected by Parkinson’s disease, then you are the perfect candidate for this class. We are opening up our small, tight knit group of current individuals to invite new faces as we go virtual. This fitness class is led by our own physical therapist, Sam Ray, PT, DPT and will be every Monday and Wednesday at 10am. Don’t have any workout equipment at home? Not a problem, as all workouts will be designed to utilize common household items. Stay moving and continue to achieve your goals with us. Email or call (919) 493-1204 to sign up!

Womens Strength Training

One of our most popular group classes is now being offered online. Join our own personal trainer, Joy Black for a strength training class designed specifically for women, workouts will focus on major muscle groups and movement patterns with an emphasis on form correction and education. Each class will be a total body workout designed to empower, uplift, and most of all connect with other incredible women! Contact or call (919) 493-1204

Virtual Soccer Training

With the previous winter roster size and request for more, we have decided to continue the Youth Soccer Conditioning through a virtual network. If you are looking to continue improving your speed, strength, and technical skills during these uncertain times, then consider enrolling in these virtual group trainings. All workouts can be done from your home with limited space and little to no equipment besides a soccer ball. Join our own physical therapists, Mollie Pathman, PT, DPT and Brian Diaz, PT, CSCS for live demonstrations and coaching. Contact or call (919) 943-9449  to sign up!

**Despite what the flyer says, we will be allowing 8 year old’s to participate in the first training groups (4:00-4:45pm both Monday AND Thursday)

**Scholarships available for those who are experiencing financial hardship. Please contact us directly for more information


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Virtual Dryland Training For Swimmers

If you are interested in improving your speed, power, endurance, and technique during these uncertain times, join us for live virtual group dryland training for swimmers! All workouts can be done from home with limited space and no equipment, although modifications will be given for those who have additional equipment that can be utilized. Join our physical therapist, Sam Ray, PT, DPT, CPT, FRCms for live demonstrations and coaching. Contact Sam at or (919) 597-8276 to sign up!

Cost: $10/class – 30% of all class proceeds will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy

**Scholarships available for those who are experiencing financial hardship. Please contact us directly for more information


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Strength Training For Runners

This class will be focusing specifically on what runners need to maximize their performance (besides running)! Strength Training is critical for runners in order to correct deficits in running forms, improve the efficiency of their stride, decrease imbalances, and increase overall power required to reach goals on the road or trail. Strength training for runners not only includes general strength training for the prime movers of the lower extremities, but also emphasizes the importance of core training, upper body resistance training, single leg balance work, and focus on complex movements that simulate running mechanics.

Cost: $12/class


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Ultimate Frisbee Conditioning

This class will focus on strength and conditioning for Ultimate players who are looking to continue to improve throughout the spring season. Workouts do not require any equipment and will have a total body focus that includes strength and endurance work. Maintaining conditioning will allow players to be ready to get back on the field while also building strength to prevent injury. Classes will be lead by Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Norah Whitten. Norah has experience training and treating ultimate players in the clinic in addition to strength and conditioning programming.

Cost: $10/ class


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Adult Soccer Conditioning

Cost: $10/class- 30% of all proceeds will be donated to the COVID-19 Health Hero Response Fund- Feeding The Soul


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Baseball/ Softball Strength & Conditioning

This class will focus on different movements specific to Baseball and Softball. As powerful rotational athletes, workouts will be designed to include exercises that enhance explosiveness necessary for both offense and defense. Not only will core training be added for injury prevention but also to improve swinging and throwing power. 

Cost: $10 per class


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Virtual P.E. Class

Are your kids sitting at home missing out on their physical education class at school? Don’t let this time during quarantine go to waste and sign up for a virtual P.E. session, now offered twice a week. This class will focus on the fundamentals of fitness and movements necessary to develop healthy habits. 

Schedule: Tuesday at 3pm

                    Thursday at 3pm 

Cost: $10/class OR $75 for 10 sessions


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