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The past four years have been full of firsts for the small Christian school right down the road from ActivEdge, known as Trinity School.  There is one first that stands out amongst the rest though, and that is that Trinity’s 2010 graduating class is the first to ever graduate from the high school. The school that was established 15 years ago has officially said “good-bye” for the first time to high school students. The high school that was established just four years ago has grown and into something very special. Every single graduate will be attending college, with a couple getting academic scholarships and a couple more getting accepted into honors colleges. ActivEdge’s very own, Chad Denton, who is in the inaugural graduating class, has graduated from Trinity as a “lifer”, starting in first grade and going all the way through. His father, Chip Denton, is the school’s first Head of School and has been there since 1997 when the school hired their first Head of School. Chip has established one of the best Christian schools in the state and the smile on his face when he shook his son’s hand as Chad walked across the stage on May 28, 2010, said it all. Congratulations to Chip Denton, Trinity School, and all of the 2010 graduates that all made history at Trinity School!