Reality Ministries Team

ActivEdge was excited to take part in yet another Reality Race as the team geared up for the second inaugural Reality Race 5k and Pump n’ Run on May 21, 2011. After a huge success in 2009, Reality Ministries and ActivEdge were hoping to have a similar turn out in 2011. All proceeds go to Reality Ministries which is located in downtown Durham. The Reality Race 5K trail is a running and walking course around the perimeter of the Washington Duke Golf Course and Inn and is known to locals as the Al Buehler Trail, named after the longtime Duke Cross-Country coach. Although not technically part of the Duke Forest, the trail is maintained by the Office of the Duke Forest as a service to the University and the Durham community.

Official times using the chip system will be recorded and registered and runners will be positioned in the front and seeded according to pace. WALKERS, STROLLERS, AND PETS ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED!! (but will start in the back).

ActivEdge also offered a unique and different type of scoring experience known as a Pump n’ Run.

Each participant in the Pump n’ Run was weighed on a physician’s scale. One of ActivEdge’s trainers then used a percentage (50% for females and 75% for males) of the participants measured body weight and load a bar with that amount of weight to complete a regular flat bench press exercise. For each repetition completed, 15 seconds was deducted from the participants overall 5K time and a “net” time was be calculated.

Awards were given for both the 5K racers and the Pump n’ Run participants. So it was possible to win one, or the other, or both, if you choose to participate in the Pump n’ Run.

In addition to the overall top 3 male and female, awards were separated by sex, and the age categories were as follows for the 5K:

Under 15
Ages 15-19
Ages 20-29
Ages 30-39
Ages 40-49
Ages 50-59
Over 60

For the Pump n’ Run, only the overall top 3 male and females got awards.

There was a chance to also WIN AN APPLE ITUNES GIFT CARD (value $50)!!! If you chose to participate in the Pump n’ Run portion of the event, you had the daunting task of going up against ActivEdge’s own staff of trainers!! Although no one did, If someone had beaten the trainers repetitions for the Pump, then they could have also received a FREE GIFT CARD!!!


17 year old Tyler Zimmerman (a product of ActivEdge) barely edged out another ActivEdge client, Steve Mele for the victory in the run. Tyler came in with a blazing time of 19:35, while Steve, who has about 30 years of age on Tyler, came in at a time of 19:46. Third place for the guys went to Chris Squires with a time of 19:50.

On the women’s side of the race, first place went to Megan McCormick with a time of 21:13. In second place for the females, Abby Jefferies finished with a time of 22:27, and Lauren Hurley came in third with a time of 22:42.

No one edged out ActivEdge’s trainers in the bench pressing competition giving Meredith and Brian the title for the second year in a row!

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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