We had right around 38 people participate in the flag football event held on Monday, November 23rd and a few brave spectators even came out in the cold to root them on! Despite a few strains and sprains suffered that comes with flag football, most had a great time and enjoyed the fun “competition”!

A special thanks to Co-CEO Roger Jeffs taking the time to play and contribute on the token UT Red team. Although not at 100%, he was still able to make his way through most defenses and had a nasty leg to kick as well!

Napoli Gourmet Wood-Fired Pizza served up wonderful Neapolitan pizza cooked the old fashioned Italian way sourcing local ingredients and they also brought a nice outdoor fire pit to add to the cold night.

The winning team and holders of the 1st Turkey Bowl trophy and championship goes to Team Black! After rolling through their first 2 games they needed to rally to get the 3rd W and just edged out a charging Team White.
Team Black Roster:
Brian Diaz – captain
Greg Bottorff
Alejandro Arciniegas
Sarah Klein
Gordon Winchester
Joel Reed
Mollie Pathman
Marc Blinderman

Look for another full company wide sporting activity to commence in the Spring! Great finish to 2015!

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