12/12/2014: ActivEdge celebrated their 10th annual staff Christmas party last Friday at Dain’s Place. Per tradition, we invited back old staff to celebrate with us and we happily introduced our new staff into the ActivEdge family!  Dain of Dain’s Place has been our unofficial destination for the party over the last several years and hosted us again for 2014. Thank you, again, Dain for wonderful service and an excellent evening with our team. Despite the indulging of burgers and whiskey shots, we are eagerly looking forward to a fit and healthy 2015. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Pictured from left to right (Morven, Heather, Danielle, Isaac, Mike, Olivia, Tommy, Mollie, Brian, Rutland, Elise, Jeremiah, and Ellen) – Unable to make the event due to a Bouncing Bulldogs workshop, Krishinda

christmas part

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