Although ActivEdge Fitness was originally geared towards scheduled rehabilitation, physical therapy, and personal training visits, we have quickly become an all-encompassing wellness facility offering group classes, massage therapy, and nutritional consultation.

Losing weight is not the only reason for seeking nutritional advice. Many of our athletes and runners are losing performance due to lack of certain nutrients or an overabundance of others in their diets.

Our staff team understands that some of you have the need to balance a nutritional plan with exercise. This is important, and those willing to take the time to exercise correctly should also be keeping track and careful watch over what they are eating. When people start to add an exercise routine to their lives, although enriching and often life changing, many do not realize that, unfortunately, this is only part of the equation. The combination of the two disciplines, diet and exercise, is the most potent approach in helping us achieve your goals and living life to its fullest.

Led by Chris Newport, our resident Registered Dietician and NC Licensed Nutritionist, we offer several different plans ranging from a simple 1-hr briefing and analysis of your current diet up to a full overhaul with detailed meal plans and menu ideas. We give you some feedback and suggestions that work, REALLY work! Not just some jazzed up diet of things that you can’t stand, but we work with you to get a daily and weekly routine down of foods and beverages that you actually like!

We can meet at the gym or informally over coffee or lunch. Continual correspondence in person, email, and/or phone is included in most of the plans offered.

Please let your trainer know, or call directly and ask for Chris, if you are interested in getting some nutritional advice and diet overhaul. This is open for new clients as well and not just restricted to current personal training and rehabilitation clients!