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Thank you ActivEdge members for your participation in the Fill that Bus supply drive for Crayons2Calculators! Durham has proven once again that it is a community of caring businesses, organizations, and individuals. The 2014 Fill that Bus drive topped $100.000 in school supplies! Crayons2Calculators had to get an additional storage unit to store all the donations!

This outpouring of support will enable C2C to expand our programs to serve more teachers and students than ever before. More than 200 teachers “shopped” in the last week of August alone.  There was so much excitement to find the shelves filled with brand new school supplies for their students. Here is just one teacher’s comment.


“I am grateful for the many donations of school supplies that I was able to access this year. My students have benefited greatly! A number of our families are unable to purchase all of the supplies we request for the year, especially families with more than one child in school. It gets my children off to a great start when they have all of their supplies like their economically advantaged peers, which sets them up for success! Thank you for what you do for our students in Durham Public Schools!”


Anitra W.Williams, M.Ed., NBCT, Third Grade Teacher, Holt Elementary School

It means so much to teachers to know that the Durham community is committed to supporting their work to help ALL students achieve success.  We thank you for demonstrating your caring and concern in such a tangible way!


To learn more about Crayons2Calculators, visit, or stop in the store!

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