Please see the attached document stating the revisions made to the current restrictions at ActivEdge and Upright Athlete. We welcome any questions or concerns via phone (919) 493-1204 or email

COVID-19 Update: November 19, 2020

First off, we’d like to thank all of our loyal and dedicated, both new and continued, patrons of Upright Athlete and ActivEdge for supporting us through the last several months. As we enter the holiday season with travel both locally and regionally, we want to draw attention to our updated policy for entering our facility effective immediately and to be in place to the end of the year. 

  • Face coverings will be required for all to enter and while inside the facility 
  • Temperature checks prior to entry
  • COVID questionnaire screen prior to entry

We still have onsite outdoor options available (face coverings NOT required) and telemedicine/remote services as always during this time.

In addition to our updated face covering policy, we continue to apply our stringent sanitization practices using disinfecting solutions, UV light, and commercial grade misters to cover all surfaces and equipment. When weather permits, we will open the doors and have upgraded to a more robust ventilation system with fans, both overhead, and exiting the building to move air from inside to out of the building. 

It’s the homestretch before several of us qualify for early vaccination and only a couple months later before the rest can be vaccinated. We are well aware of our role in improving and keeping your health and immune systems strong and can’t thank you enough for supporting our local and independent businesses and for helping do your part to provide a safe environment for our diverse cross section of patrons. 

Only a few more months to go… Let’s do this!



In order to be eligible for an in-person appointment, you must meet all criteria listed below. It will be each individual’s responsibility to communicate current health status prior to EVERY appointment. 

· Face coverings will be required for all to enter and while inside the facility 

· Non-contact thermometer readings will be taking upon entry for both therapist and patient (if temperature is 100°F or higher you will be asked to come back another day)

· COVID questionnaire screen prior to entry

·      Not experiencing any of the following symptoms 

o   Fever

o   Cough

o   Shortness of breath or difficulty with breathing

o   Loss of smell or taste

o   Sore throat

o   Chills or repeated shaking with chills

·      Not been in contact with anyone who has been confirmed or suspected to have the coronavirus


·      Please stay in your car until your appointment time

·      Remote check-in and payment will be available to decrease necessary contact

·      No more than two therapists and their patients in the treatment room at a time 

·      The clinic and treatment room and all modalities and instruments will continue to be sanitized with CDC approved disinfecting solutions before and after each patient and throughout the session

·      Doors will be opened when weather permits to allow better airflow 

·      Upgraded ventilation both inside and exiting the building  

·      UV light and commercial grade misting/fogging daily disinfection 

MARCH 30, 2020

State of The Edge (and sister businesses) weekly address

MARCH 22, 2020

Video Message from our Founder: The New Normal

MARCH 19, 2020



The Triangle and Nation are now under full attack from this novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Despite the uncertainty of how long this will last and the impact on small businesses such as ours, the overwhelming science and prevailing strategies on how to contain the ever-growing spread of COVID-19 mean doing our part to stop it. This is easily the right thing to do, and we will be closing our doors for in-person appointments effective immediately and to continue till Wednesday, April 1 before re-evaluating.

The outpouring of support from our ActivEdge Fitness members and Upright Athlete patients has been tremendous. You have stepped up in a big way during these difficult times. Your kindness to us, advanced financial support in various ways, and encouragement through these unchartered waters are the reason why we love this community of people so much! Thank you for all you do and we appreciate you all dearly!


We started this week, and will continue to deliver our highest level of virtual training sessions over the coming weeks until the quarantine is lifted. For those of you that don’t have any equipment at home (medicine balls, stability or yoga balls, bands, light weights, etc.), don’t worry… we can either program entirely using bodyweight or props you have at home, or you can make an appointment to come to the studio and pick up some things to make the workout a bit more interesting, just let your trainer or Leah, front desk, know! The loaned equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and we will be meeting you outside the door for curbside delivery of any items that you want!

How to schedule: Our trainers will reach out to you directly to set up a time to go over the movements and exercises using various platforms including FaceTime, direct phone and videos, our YouTube channel, and Zoom (for live appointment times).

Classes: our classes, both Rutland’s and Joy’s will be live over Zoom at the scheduled times. They will both be making modifications for whatever people have access to in their quarantined spaces. Bookings will still be through MindBody and you will receive a link to join in on the class.


Our in-house partners, Upright Athlete, has also adjusted their services and switched to a telemedicine using a HIPAA compliant and secure platform as well as a custom app with all their therapists. Almost all appointments can be seen using this service, including new visits, and will be billed through insurance or paid out-of-pocket the usual and customary way. Just like members of ActivEdge, Upright Athlete patients can make appointments to pick up any supplies and equipment needed for their rehab and recovery under quarantine at home. Completely sanitized equipment ready for curbside delivery. Please consider this insurance-reimbursed telemedicine service as a great way to continue to rehab and get started without delay, since we are unsure or how long the quarantine will last. See below for appointment contacts in you haven’t set one up already.

Appointments for ActivEdge

Virtual personal training

Rutland Tyler: (919) 619-2777

Joy Black: (919) 259-5718

Brandon Roberts: (919) 824-1118

Isaac Brewton: (910) 728-2804

Leah Murray (front desk): (919) 493-1204

Classes can be scheduled online at MindBody through our website

Appointments for Upright Athlete

Contact to get in touch with your therapist or visit for further assistance

MARCH 17, 2020


The daily, and sometimes hourly, updates and changes to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, both nationally and locally, have left several of us confused and conflicted as to how to respond.

ActivEdge and Upright Athlete are no different than many other small businesses that make up over 50% of our economy and are forced to make very tough decisions on how best to support their clients and patients, as well as their own employees, while keeping the best interests of public health for our community in mind.


First, we feel compelled to cancel all classes greater than 8 people in order to adhere to the appropriate levels of social distancing, based on our space size of 5000 square feet, following the CDC guidelines. Any unused classes will be credited and at this time we plan on resuming our normal class schedule on Monday, March 30th. For the classes that are cancelled, stay tuned and check in at our website for online class streaming options that start tomorrow, Tuesday, March 16th.


Second, our ActivEdge and Upright Athlete community should continue to stay home if having any cold or flu-like symptoms. What the science has shown overwhelmingly, is the presence of a fever (even 1 degree), within 3 hours of contracting the coronavirus. We ask that all clients and patients please take their temperature before coming in and stay home if body temperature is elevated. In addition, we are increasing our demands of travelers and anyone who has flown on an airplane, both international or domestic, or anyone who comes in close contact with someone from areas that are identified as high risk, please take extra precautions and self-quarantine for the CDC recommended 10-14 days.


Third, for those appointment-based sessions, at both ActivEdge and Upright Athlete, we understand our role in helping you achieve better health, fitter bodies, and stronger immune systems to fight both the routine and novel viruses that enter our daily lives. In order for us to continue to serve you with the highest quality of service and healthcare, we have taken the following steps to ensure our facility continues to perform at the highest level:

  • We will continue to wipe down all equipment and handles prior to individual use
  • We ask that you help and wipe down all cardio equipment, benches, balls and handles

after use with cleaning solutions marked and placed around the facility

  • We have increased the frequency of our daily cleanings for the full facility


And lastly, we have had several members of our community ask how they can support our small business during these times even if they are taking a break from coming in person to the studio and clinic. Our answer, we have moved one of our trainers (and more if necessary) from ActivEdge, Joy Black, to a home-based work environment. She is ready to take personal training clients who wish to stay at home and give them remote workouts. Please let any of the training staff members or front desk know if you are interested in this service.

In addition, we have a dedicated physical therapy app specifically for situations like this, and have a physical therapist, Norah Whitten, who will be working from home and will be available to provide telemedicine and consultations to help you recover and rehabilitate. These will be normal one-on-one sessions with Norah via FaceTime or Skype and are made through our front desk scheduler by emailing or calling Upright Athlete directly.


We feel that this next week will be very pivotal in determining the direction of the novel coronavirus and are constantly keeping our eye on the science and news as it develops. We appreciate your trust and support of both ActivEdge and Upright Athlete during these extremely intense and challenging times.

REST ASSURED: Recently, a couple of graduate UNC researchers studying germs and bacteria present in public places took 100+ cultures from our studio gym and physical therapy clinic to evaluate under microscope. The results are very encouraging in times like these. We outperformed all other gyms and clinics, including UNC and Duke, who volunteered to have their spaces tested and the few areas that needed to be addressed, we now address on a daily basis. If you’d like to know the full results of their study, don’t hesitate to ask us for more details regarding their findings!