Physical Therapy

ActivEdge can help you change your life by paying careful attention to your specific needs. ActivEdge sees therapy patients throughout the week starting at 7am and scheduling as late as 6pm for various injuries and limitations. ActivEdge is in-network and accepts most major insurance companies serving the Triangle area. We have working relationships with major orthopedic clinics in the area including Duke Sports Medicine, UNC Sports Medicine, and Triangle Orthopedics. ActivEdge also works with local family physicians and chiropractors giving their clinics exposure to different option. After witnessing the trendy change in major physical therapy departments towards more clients in less time, ActivEdge offers a rare one-on-one therapy experience between patient and therapist.

Brian Diaz heads the department, and works with all types of clients ranging in diagnoses and ages. Brian specializes in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation utilizing a blend of hands-on manual therapy and soft tissue mobilization techniques, functional movements and challenging cross-training and preventive programs. Including his education from a top-ranked physical therapy program at The University of Iowa, he has picked up several skills from conferences and clinics including active and passive myofascial release and use of “cold laser” infrared light technology to assist in patient recovery. High-level athletes are also instructed in advanced agility and sport-specific drill

Norah attended Duke University for her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. Norah has experience treating patients from across the lifespan with a variety of orthopedic conditions and especially enjoys treating the pediatric and high school population.  Norah uses a blend of hands on manual therapy and functional exercise to help her patients return to their sport or activity of choice and live a pain free, active lifestyle. Norah is a Certified Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Functional Movement Screen provider, in addition to being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. With these certifications Norah is able to further assess the source of the injury causing pain or movement dysfunction and blend rehab techniques with performance enhancement to allow for safe return to sport.

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