Paris Laliberte

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Yoga Instructor

Paris began a very casual yoga practice roughly 20 years ago while playing soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and swimming, in college. Having participated in high-level competition throughout childhood and young adulthood, Paris was quickly drawn to the non-competitive yet powerful and vigorous nature of the practice. Interested in examining all aspects of yoga (including those beyond asana), Paris became a certified and registered yoga teacher (RYT200) ¬†through Hot Asana University with Virginia Gallagher and Angela Tara Hsu in January 2016, finding an avenue to assist others in finding contentment, physical wellness, and mind-body awareness. She is passionate about guiding others in their practice, as they tap into strength they often never knew existed, and is truly honored to be a part of that transformation. Her personal yoga practice focuses on alignment, creative vinyasas and inversions. Her classes are suited for all yoga practice levels- from beginners to advanced practitioners. Paris’ other interests include her clinical research career from which she has taken a brief hiatus, her wonderful children and loving husband.

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